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Guiding principles for smart grid architecture and design. Industry smart grid interoperability from roadmap to action. In 2014, the hawaiian electric companies filed a smart grid roadmap and. Request pdf utility experience with developing a smart grid roadmap utilities are actively.

Technology platform, a key tool for iea engagement. Nist awarded the electric power research institute epri a contract to engage smart grid stakeholders and develop a draft interim standards roadmap. The overall roadmap development process is depicted below. Utility experience with developing a smart grid roadmap request. With significant challenges facing the electric industry and the world, we are always seeking top talent with handson experience to address issues as they relate to the generation, delivery, use, management and environmental responsibility of global electricity.

Smart grid framework and roadmap identifies 75 standards, specifications. Software applications refer to programs, algorithms, calculations, and data analysis. Consultancy in smart grid roadmap, business and market strategy development and implementation for us and global utility markets, spanning the north american and asian regions. Utility experience developing a smart grid roadmap. The national institute of standards and technology nist had engaged epri and other smart grid stakeholders to develop a draft interimstandards roadmap. Epri s goal with roadmaps and the smart grid roadmap methodology is to help a company transition fr om understanding what the smart grid is generically to achieving the most effective timing and adoption of smart grid technology in a way that uniquely maximizes the benefits and minimizes risks for the utility or independent system operator iso. Nist framework and roadmap for smart grid interoperability. Utility experience developing a smart grid roadmap smartgrid. Epri released its report to nist on the smart grid interoperability standards roadmap. The epri use case repository is a collection of use cases and requirements developed within the industry as well as through epris smart grid demonstration initiative.

American electric power service corporation aep smart grid demonstration. Mark mcgranaghan at electric power research institute. Epri smartgrid resource center use case repository. Nist will use this document as a starting point in developing a nist interim roadmap for smart grid. For example, the electric power research institute epri defines a smart grid as.

The smart grid is the application of technologies to all aspects of the energy transmission and delivery system that provide better monitoring, control and efficient use of the system. Electricity technology roadmap electric power research institute. Epri is at the center of a quickly evolving energy landscape. Firstenergy smart grid demostration epri smart grid demonstration a smart grid is one that incorporates information and communications technology into every aspect of electricity generation, delivery and consumption in order to minimize environmental impact, enhance markets, improve reliability and service, and reduce costs and improve efficiency. Smart grid deployment is traditionally based on improving utility operations at both the. Regulatory timeline for smart grid roadmap and business case. The isos goal is to enable and integrate all applicable smart technologies while operating the grid reliably, securely and efficiently, and facilitate. Report to nist on the smart grid interoperability standards roadmap. Smart grid roadmap interest group smart grid roadmap workshop white papers on the implementation of. Dte energy, southern company, and duke energy renewables participated in epri wind turbine research focusing on innovative performance monitoring and. Ict program roadmap september 2018 epri smart grid.

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