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Electronic target scoring archives super target systems. Ontarget software measures group sizes from scan or photo. We provide supplies essential to maintain training and operations of law enforcement, military, and other critical facilities such as nuclear power stations and prisons. Domagron silhouette training target with b21 scoring ring in 3 tone blue 22. All competitors are required to do pit duty where you will be pulling and marking targets for the relay shooting. Le targets full size b21 silhouette target, pk25 38ne34b. It provides immediate performance feedback and specifies the positions of shots with exceptional accuracy for the distances 10 m, 15 m, 25 m, 50 m. You can just take a digital photo of your target and ontarget will import it quickly and easily. A score of 70% or greater is required to pass, or 175 points out of a possible 250 points. All prior printed and electronic editions of the nra police pistol combat rule book.

I mean, if everyone uses it on their shooting ranges, it has to be a good target, right. This product may contain chemicals known to the state of california to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. B21 police silhouette for 25 feet simulating 50 yards. Lots of versions of b21, different scoring rings and numerical values. Entering targets into your computer is as easy as placing your targets on the screen and clicking under each bullet hole. The target is pulled and marked each time a bullet hits that target. Electronic target systems seeing is believing daily bulletin. The program then calculates the final score, saves the target file, prints a detailed score sheet, and exports the data for use in the ara benchrest scoring program spreadsheet. Air rifle electronic target, air pistol target system. Shooting is done outdoors at 25 meters and indoors at 25 yards. To change the screen resolution, right click on the computer desktop, select properties, click the settings tab and use the screen resolution slider to select the. This can inform highlevel decisions on specific areas for software improvement.

Targets simplifies rnav procedure development in several ways. Click on each image for more details and a larger picture. The target will be the international target format. So if the instructor were required to score the target i had 4 in 8 ring 9 in 9 ring 17 in 10 ring which i think adds up to 283 out of a possible 300. And then you have all of the different scoring systems for the various targets. Digital target scoring shooting and reloading software. And then there are countless targets designed by various agencies for their own use. Instead scorers record the shot values on a fillinthebull scorecard, which is later scaned and scored by orion. This target is available in orange, as well as other colors.

With this plugin, you can customize point and penalty values for different targets, enforce scoring standards, calculate hit factor, and much more. Targets should be printed on paper of at least 160 gsm weight or equivalent. It can also be applied to the en route environment and other airspace development projects. Shooting software, target scoring shooting, electronic. Speedwell targets has been providing shooting targets to the law enforcement, qualification, match competition and military for over 45 years. The original silhouette target that the nra later designated as the b21 was. A scoring gauge will be used to determine the value of close shots.

American target company is one of the largest manufacturers of competitive targets in the united states. Orion is the only scoring system in the world that includes online results. The target used is a b27 target, which is a humanshaped silhouette target that measures 45 high and 24 wide. Scoring 3d targets is based on an arrow touching any part of the outside of the line for the next highest score. This target is available in blue, as well as other colors. Official nra b21e target, 21 yard target, shooting. Subscribe to receive special deals and product updates. Pulling the line is w hen an arrow hits inside the 10ring right up against the 12ring line, and the arrow pulls in the foam target so the 12ring line touches the arrow shaft. Our b21e target blue is a standard 25 yard silhouette target in 23 x 35. Criteriabased assessment mike jackson, steve crouch and rob baxter criteriabased assessment is a quantitative assessment of the software in terms of sustainability, maintainability, and usability. The target is available in either 12, 25, 50 or 100 pack sizes each under its own listing.

Weapons virginia department of criminal justice services. Wheres there a good place to buy b21 silhouette targets. Made in the usa, this target is designed for handgun or rifle use. The nra shooting targets below are printed on nra standard buff target paper p or tagboard t.

Our targetscan app is all you need to analyse your targets. Cheap targets champion blue b21e le paper silhouette in. Comparison of target shooting software app store iphone ipad ipod nowadays smartphones are an amazing piece of kit. B21 qualification target blue targets for shooting range. Elitescorer basic can be downloaded for free to evaluate the functionality. Targetscan is a specifically designed application for scoring your targets. Home editions for air rifle, air pistol and club edition. Digital target scoring although any screen resolution will work, the target scoring software was designed to work best when displayed with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 format. Q target5 points inside the bottle, 3 points outside the bottle on target, divide by 3 to get percent. Targetscan app allows you to score cards and analyse the shooting group by taking a photo of the target. If a penalty target is placed on a separate target stand in front of a brown scoring target the same rules apply but with an additional consideration. Scoring will be done by experienced scorers and no shooter shall score their own targets.

Jeffrey block has created a great new free software program, ontarget, that measures shot groups quickly and precisely. Pellets that touch the bullseye are scored as a 10 and pellets that obliterate the bullseye are scored as a x. Does anybody know for sure what target they use for pistol qualification in basic training for usn. Home electronic target scoring electronic target scoring electronic scoring systems or electronic targets are automated scoring systems used for sport shooting where the shot placement and score is automatically calculated using electronics and presented on screens to the organizer and shooters. Just take a photo of your paper target and the app will automatically calculate the score. Etarg is an open source project with the goal of publishing free research, designs, schematics and software, etc. Track your scores and analyze your shooting sessions. Im going to buy some b27s just for the fun of it and shoot them with my carry guns. We will discuss further about the detailed algorithms to implement them in the next section. Electronic target systems seeing is believing daily. My opinion if you shoot the ara target just for fun you should have an ara scoring plug and approved magnifier in your shooting box to help you properly score them.

Le targets full size b21 silhouette target, pk25 38ne34. How to score a shot hole, the leading edge of which comes in contact with the outside of the bullseye or scoring rings of a target, is given the higher value. This champion b21 e target 100 pack is printed in blue on standard paper. Shooting software, target scoring shooting, electronic target. There is also a wax residue on the paper from the bullet. Targets was designed for the development of rnav procedures. Slow fire means you load and shoot one round in the rifle at a time. Otherwise, maybe i can find someone that will split up a 100 and go 5050 or 333333. Shop target for software you will love at great low prices. Targetscan app turns your iphoneipad into a target scoring system. Law enforcement shooting target b21 american target company. Looking for le targets full size b21 silhouette target, pk25 38ne34. You can order a printed spiral bound copy of the of the 2020 police pistol combat rule book by contacting nt competitions at 703.

The governor of illinois has shut down the state through april 30th due to the covid19 pandemic. Anytime a bullet goes through the target there is some degree of push back on the paper. The scorer only needs to look closely at the bulls that have been flagged for manual scoring. Sep 30, 20 september 30th, 20 new issf bullseye scoring app for android devices. Q target5 points inside the bottle, 3 points outside the bottle on target, divide by 3. If an archer shoots 20 targets in a round and scores 200 points, they have. The very story youre reading right now consists of digital data packets transmitted electronically around the globe. The large target area features a silhouette in blue, with a smaller vital shot area, marked in white. You can run up to four standalone systems side by side on separate channels, or connect all targets on the range on the same channel. The nra shooting targets below are printed on nra standard buff target. Domagron silhouette training target with b21 scoring ring. Juvale 50sheet paper silhouette range shooting targets for firearms, rifles.

Targets ranging from full sized b27 targets to economy sized b27e targets with b27 zones and modified b27 zones. Printing official national rifle association, national muzzle loading rifle association, police silhouette, law enforcement targets, animal silhouette, united states benchrest targets, and many more paper shooting targets. Heres a handy, new smartphone app for competitive shooters. The b21 e style target has been used for decades, by law enforcement organizations around the country, for training and qualification. To set target scale, a simple tool allows you to mark a known length on the target such as the diameter of the x ring, and the program will then size the target accordingly.

Home editions are classified to basic and pro in order to keep the cost affordable to every beginner. B21 police silhouette target 25 foot police silhouette. At deep scoring ltd we are passionate about making software for mobile devices. B 21 b21 shooting target b21blue b21 shooting target. If you are not sure if shotmarker is right for your situation, please contact us. All shooting is from the ready position where your. This plugin works well with the target templates plugin, allowing you to assign different scoring values to different target zones. The phone is placed into the itarget sled with its camera pointed at the shooting target. Made in the usa and designed after the b27 target but with a threetone blue scoring ring. New issf bullseye scoring app for android devices daily. Zip archive the left target is very good for shooting small groups. The issf target tracker app uses the touchscreen on your android smartphone so you can record shot positions during practice sessions or matches.

Shotmarker is designed to flexible and scalable for all scenarios. Just take a photo of your target and the app will calculate the score and shooting group statistics. January 30th, 20 ontarget software measures group sizes from scan or photo. In il the ccw qualification is 70% of 300 possible. Our b21e targetorange is a standard 25 yard silhouette target in 23 x 35. A young friend has committed to join this fall, wants me to help him train up so he can do well, have the course of fire, but the target is not clear b21 or transition target ii. The higher value will be allowed in those cases where the flange on the gauge touches the scoring ring. B21 target police silhouette reduced 5 x ring red center. They are designed for disciplines where the target is too big to scan. Its functionality goes well beyond just a scoring system.

The brown scoring target may have three holes in it, but one hole may also exist in the penalty target in front of the scoring target. When retrieving arrows or searching for lost arrows, have one of your party stand in front of the target or lean your bow against the silhouette to show the shooters following behind you that the target is not clear. This innovative tool will not only calculate the score but also analyse your shooting group providing essential statistics that will enable continuous improvement. B27 target8, 9, 10, x rings5 points, 7 ring4 points, hits on silhouette3 points divided by 3 to obtain percent. Easily deployable as a personal target or sightin target on an existing range with paper or electronic targets. B21e targetorange baker targets standard scoring target.

B21 targets used for law enforcement firearms qualification. Scoring b21, b21x targets use indicated k value with a maximum 300 points divided by 3 to obtain percent. The scoring software saves time by automating much of the scoring process. The shooting lab will plot the location of each hole and anlyze the target in inches or centimeters and minutes of angle moa. Software download for elitescorer home basic edition. Scoring system instant score standard with inner tens or decimal scoring automatic pattern and holes recognition eagle. You dont need internet or cell phone signal to connect with the target s wifi. We believe that they are perfect for target shooters because it is easy to take your ipad to the shooting range and snap your targets on the spot. The orion scoring system is a revolutionary blend of tools, designed specifically for the shooting sports, encompassing the scoring, match management, and result systems.

A total of 50 shots are fired during the range qualification test. The truezerotargets builtin wifi connects with your tablet or smartphone just like the router back home. Pistoleer is a veteran owned family run business since 1998 notice. An arrow touching the line marking the edge of a greater scoring area shall be given the higher score. Targetscan app for ios scoring paper targets youtube. B21 police silhouette target 25 foot police silhouette targets. Digital target scoring although any screen resolution will work, the target scoring software was designed to work best when displayed with a screen resolution of 1600 x 900 format or any resolution of 4 units wide by 3 units high.

Domagron silhouette training target with b21 scoring ring in. Target and scoring united states air rifle benchrest. Can anyone please explain to me these various targets scoring systems. It consists of an nraapproved bullseye containing a black x ring which is 10 in diameter, a black 10 ring which is 20 in diameter, a black 9 ring which is 30 in diameter, and a black 8 ring which is 44 in diameter. Elitescorer basic also works for home and club target systems. It allows you to train at home with an actual firearm by using the itarget pro phone app and a laser bullet. Get access to free shooting software, download demo of elitescorer software for air rifle and air pistol. Scoringb21, b21x targetsuse indicated k value with maximum 300 points divided by 3 to obtain percent.

B21e targetblue baker targets standard scoring target. Official nra b21e target, 21 yard target, shooting paper targets, 22. If a component of a sampler is out of stock, a target of similar value may be substituted for that component, possibly duplicating. B21 qualification target blue join the mailing list. I wish i had taken a picture of my wifes target, she took the same class as i did. Elitescorer is an electronic target scoring system designed for 10 meter air gun shooting.

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